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Your Crew In Turkey

Fixer In Turkey

Understanding and managing a production with members of different nations and mentalities, is what we are used to. We don’t just translate the words, but also know how to interpret them. Before or during a shoot, it is essential to harmonize the team for the production.

To acquire a bureaucratic permit for a shooting is often just the beginning.
Confusing, but true: Once you obtain the general shooting permit, it still does not allow you to actually film with it – you need more permissions.

For us, it is important that all parties see Frame34 as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Broadcast, Production & Live Services

LiveU Istanbul
We provide creative and professional services in the editorial and technical area. If you need a permission, complete film, documentary, reporter, producer, stringer, camera team, aerial video & photography, LiveU (LU300S, 2 x 5G internal modems, 2 x external 4G modems, Wifi, Ethernet), edit, photography or a fixer in Turkey, just give us a call.

Our office is located right on the breathtaking shores of the Bosporus and offers live stand-up positions with three different backdrops:

– Bosporus bridge and Çamlıca Mosque
– Dolmabahçe Palace and historic peninsula with the Hagia Sophia
– Skyscraper skyline.

Commercials or PR – may it be to buy airtime, do line-production or produce a complete film – creative and/or technical.
We offer creative and flexible personal in all areas: directing, storyboards, concepts, camera, edit, dubbing, reenactments, rental studios, aerial video & photography, casting, make-up, video clips, location-scouting, fixers, line-production, etc.

Social Responsibility

Not everything should be about money. In our field of business it is easy to be socially responsible, since videos and general PR is a very important tool to do some good. Frame34 tries, as long as we have the capacity, to support socially meaningful projects.

We are very proud of our street animal portal named BustedTails.com (KirikKuyruk.com). After years of work, it is up and running.

Our team also supported the social group „Let´s Do It Türkiye“ and an UN World Food Program initiative with no-budget video productions. Naturally all our efforts are done voluntary. We are looking forward to support meaningful projects in near future.