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We are Frame34, an experienced broadcast and media services company. Our two highly experienced partners founded this dynamic and professional service provider in 2015.
We are fast, flexible and adaptable with two decades of broadcast experience. No matter how big the production and no matter what problems you encounter, we will offer you alternatives to successfully complete the production. We all know: The result is what counts.
We would like to be your fixer in Turkey.

Our office is located in the heart of Istanbul. Here we have everything necessary for any kind of production and the crew too.

Our Story

TV journalist, fixer, cameraman & director Christian Feiland became a “globe trotter” as a toddler due to his father’s job. As a toddler he lived in Istanbul for 4 years and as a teenager he spent 3 years in Karachi, Pakistan.

In 1993 Chris started his media career at the radio station “Kiss FM Berlin”. As a young journalist he hosted a weekly 2 hour program called “Kiss Young Culture”. Shortly after, he switched to TV and worked as a TV reporter for “Media Port Berlin” – a service provider of “Deutsche Welle TV”. Istanbul became his destination of choice in 1997. He settled down and worked for the German national TV station “ARD” in the Istanbul studio. Later he started his own production company which produces programs for TV stations worldwide. He has worked with various well-known personalities, such as Ivan Watson, Michael Bloomberg, Dieter Kronzucker, Claus Kleber, Anne Will, Tilman Jens, etc.

Ceyda & Chris

Your Team In Turkey

Feiland has witnessed all major events in Turkey over the past decades – as a journalist, including live stand-ups, as a fixer, editor or cameraman. For larger sets he was the line producer of crews of 20 or more (e.g. arte – “Durch die Nacht mit…” 6 hours non-stop live production with a 15-person set and 6 locations). He arranged contracts with service providers and worked for many years with ORF (Austrian public broadcaster) and DHA (Dogan News Agency).
Feiland is fluent in Turkish, English and German. On top of that, Feiland’s family history on the Bosporus goes back an amazing 140 years. (Video)

Ceyda Kalafatcioglu is a professional trained Ballet dancer. After graduating from the Vienna Conservatory, Ceyda was hired by the Slovak National Theater and lived outside of Turkey for 5 years until an injury forced her to return to her hometown of Istanbul. She then used her background to work in the production and editorial team of one of the largest private TV production companies (Medyapim) for entertainment shows such as “Wheel of Fortune”, “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and “Dancing on Ice”. Before joining Frame34, she worked as an event manager for international festivals and organized jazz concerts with international groups.

Why the name: “Frame34”?

Thirty-four is the area code of Istanbul. The postal code and the license plates of cars registered in Istanbul start with a 34 followed by two-three letters and a number. 34 means Istanbul.